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Groups & Incentives
In Nubiatours DMC, we give a special attention to groups, whether they are holiday, family, or incentives.

Each group receives a specialized care by our technicians, getting the best budgets and optimum route / stay. We also manage special experiences for groups that you always wished to do, but that in an individual travel was not possible, as evening meals in emblematic places, visits to institutions, or private visits. We also have merchandising to personalize more your group.

Incentives groups deserve a special mention. At those, all the attentions are given at the highest level and all the steps are taken in a more fluid way by our professionals. Please check with us.

Our Events & Incentives:

  • Carmen de los Martires, Granada (Spain)

Tour operator in Spain incentives
Incentive and group travels
  • Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania): group dinner in emblematic places and special activities.




  • Hungary: Group dinner and events in emblematic places like Festetics Palace, The Museum of Ethnography in Budapest, Budapest History Museum, The Budapest Museum of Fine Arts or Dinner Cruises on the Danube.



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